Service form

Does your Ebike4Delivery need service or maintenance or has it been damaged? We are ready to help you. You can request all service, maintenance and damage reports using this form. Please note: this form is not intended for reports about a stolen bicycle or lost keys!  

You can request the following using this form:

- A service check: when something is broken on the Ebike4Delivery     
- A maintenance check: a check by our mechanics to check whether the Ebike4Delivery is still in the right condition     
- There is damage caused by a (traffic) accident

Pay attention! Has your bike been stolen? Then mail to Do you need new keys? Then consult the AXA Key Service. It is NOT the intention to fill in the form below for these cases.

For all questions related to the boxes of your bicycle, please contact the sales department of Ebike4Delivery.

Important: The form only allows one frame number per form. Do you have several Ebike4Delivery delivery bikes or delivery scooters that need service or maintenance? Send the form by delivery bike or scooter. Before completing the service form, read theservice and maintenance conditions. Failure to comply with the conditions may lead to additional costs.

Do you have an urgent question or comment? Then mail to Your email will then be answered as soon as possible. Please note: you cannot submit service notifications via this e-mail address, you can only do so via the form!