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Who are we?

Ebike Nederland B.V. is a Dutch company that is best known for the most popular electric delivery bike: the Ebike4Delivery. Nevertheless, Ebike Nederland B.V. active in the bicycle industry since 1860 with its own brands Concordia, Gruno/Adek/Amstel Transportfietsen and Brittijn Fietsen. The latter has been an importer of the Sachs Saxonette motorized bicycle since 1930: the predecessor of the e-bikes as we know them.

Specialist in electric mobility
We are specialized in electric mobility for transport and intensive professional use. Our knowledge and expertise has led to the development of theEbike4Delivery and the Escooter4DeliveryWe supply these to well-known fast food chains, pharma, meal and postal delivery and the leisure and hospitality industry.

Made in Holland

Our products are designed, developed and assembled in the Netherlands. In addition, the assembly is also done by people with a distance to the labor market.

We have over 20 years of experience in the development, manufacture, sale and maintenance of e-bikes. As a result, we understand better than anyone else the requirements that users place on a modern e-bike.

Ebike Nederland offers a wide range of products and services, aimed at worry-free electric mobility for all our customers. This is possible in a total package; fromrent or purchase, to full operational lease and including training, service, repair and maintenance.

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Ebike Netherlands is the international market leader in the manufacture and distribution of e-bikes for professional use. In 2020 we will reach the milestone of 10,000 operational e-bikes in more than 15 countries worldwide. The rapidly growing customer base is served by our commercial organization and partnerships in key European countries, the United States and Asia-Pacific.
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