The Ebike4Delivery GEN3


The most robust and indestructible delivery bike on the market! Since 2020 we are proud to offer our latest delivery bike model on the market. Just the way you want it: fast, efficient and powerful. The fully electric Ebike4Delivery GEN3 has been built to provide ultimate support for delivery drivers in their daily delivery task. All parts are 100% newly developed and reinforced to ensure that you experience as little downtime as possible. With the powerful 25-ampere battery with a minimum range of 100 km, the distance that can be covered is great. The Ebike 4Delivery GEN3 is the best mobility solution for your delivery service. 

The GEN3 delivery bike from Ebike4Delivery is the most wanted bike among our customers with its unique design and progressive features.

What makes him so great?

The strongest points of the GEN3
The batteryThe 25 amp battery is twice as powerful than its predecessor and therefore also the most powerful battery on the market. The minimum range of the Ebike4Delivery GEN3 goes up to 100 km! The maximum range depends on factors such as the battery charging cycle, the weather and the type of road surface. With this battery you can enlarge the delivery area and cycle 20 to 30 delivery rides per day. The more forcefully the delivery person pedals along, the longer you can cycle! When you activate the battery, both the pedal assistance and the lighting are activated. That means you're ready to go with the push of a button.

Safer braking The Ebike4Delivery GEN3 is equipped with an advanced (scooter) braking system that allows you to brake safely. Thanks to the 3x stronger brake pads, the 20 mm enlarged brake disc and the larger caliper, the brakes will not wear out quickly.  

The tires No more hassle with flat tires! A flat tire is no longer an issue with the new Schwalbe Airless bicycle tires that are standard on the GEN3. The inner tube consists of styrofoam instead of air. An additional advantage is that the tire pressure is always right. Finally, this tire also has an extremely strong profile and therefore perfect grip on any road surface.  

In addition to all these advantages, we have designed the bike in such a way that there is even more room for personalization as desired. More personalization fits on the frame, but also on the new hard case boxes! These hard and even stronger insulated delivery boxes are designed in such a way that the stickers you want fit nicely and large!  

These are just a few examples of the strengths of our GEN3. Need even more conviction? You will find all the specifications of the delivery bike below .

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Interested? Also go for green delivery and join thousands of satisfied customers! Request a free quote for your delivery bike. Thousands of customers preceded you. Our customer base includes customers such as Domino's, New York Pizza, McDonalds, Burger King and Subway. You name it! Our electric delivery bicycles are on the road everywhere in Europe and even beyond.  

Our bikes are suitable for more delivery purposes than just delivering food! Not only eateries are affiliated with us, we also have bicycles available at pharmacies, for example. Nothing is too crazy for us! If you have any questions about your 'alternative' delivery service and the possibilities with an Ebike4Delivery? Get in contact with us! We are happy to see if we can put together a suitable delivery bike for you!  

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Frame available in any RAL color*

Branding on the boxes

Branding on the frame

New! The hard case delivery box

Specially developed for the GEN3 delivery ebike. Now available!

More accessories

Technical specifications




             Front fork

             Steering block                      





             Track & Trace system 






             Brake system

             Pedal assist







20 to 30 deliveries a day  

Aluminium | 100% newly developed   

Magnesium | Suspended | 100% newly developed  

Integrated in the front fork                   

Integrated rotate bell   

25 ampère | 36V | swapable

36 volt | 4 ampère  

Minimal 100 km, depending on several factors  

Yes, optional                   

AXA-Lock | optional  Keyless  Lock system  

100% newly developed with shock absorption  

Specially developed for delivery bikes | adjustable for deliverers between 140 and 210cm  

Gates Carbon© belt drive  


Schwalbe  Airless ©   

100% newly developed | brake levers for both the front and rear brakes | disc brake and drum brake  

100% newly developed bottom bracket with force sensor | ergonomically designed pedals  

Side stand                  

Automatic | 2 integrated LED front lights | COB LED rear lighting

Carriers with a detachable front carrier | mounting of up to 2 boxes possible  

250 Watt front wheel motor | Bafang ©

Maximum 25 km/h  

30 kg