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Need service?

Need service or maintenance for your Ebike4Delivery? Submit your service notification for your delivery bike or delivery scooter here quickly and easily. Reported before 18:00 within the Netherlands and Belgium? The next day a solution*. Fill in your details on the form.

*  Due to the exceptional circumstances, the supply of parts is subject to major delays, so that it is not always possible to carry out your service request within 24 hours. We hope for your cooperation and understanding in this. If you have a question or complaint about this, please contact your Ebike4Delivery account manager.

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The Ebike4Delivery GEN3

The most progressive delivery bike on the market! This robust ebike is equipped with an extra powerful battery, a better braking system and even more room for personalisation. Take a look and see what else makes our GEN3 electric delivery bike so good!

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Your Ebike4Delivery completely in your own style!

Delivery by bicycle has many advantages...

Fast deliveries

The Ebike4Delivery reaches a speed of max. 25 km/h and accelerates quickly. You can ride the Ebike4Delivery on cycle paths, which means that heavy traffic can be avoided.

Young employable staff

Since you do not need a driver's license for the Ebike4Delivery, staff can be deployed with an age from 16 years.


The components of the Ebike4Delivery are carefully chosen or specially developed to create an Ebike4Delivery that is indestructible.

No petrol costs and harmful emissions

The Ebike4Delivery is 100% electric, which means that you do not have to spend extra costs on petrol and do not cause harmful emissions. Charging only costs €0.021 per week per battery!

No legal obligations

There is no legal helmet requirement and no driver's license is required to ride the Ebike4Delivery.

Easy to use

The Ebike4Delivery resembles a regular bicycle in many ways and has a rechargeable battery with which you can deliver for at least 4 to 6 hours a day!  

Green emission free kilometers
a day